5.10 Employment of MIT Employees in Out-Of-State Locations

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5.10.1 General Policy

MIT occasionally is involved in projects in other states and other countries. Unless special circumstances dictate otherwise, the overall personnel policy for employees on these projects is the same as for MIT employees in Massachusetts. It is expected, however, that MIT projects will operate in accordance with the relevant state or national laws where the project is located.

5.10.2 Employment Policies

Employment policies, including pay, holidays, and vacation policies, will vary depending upon the location of a project. It is the responsibility of the supervisor to develop practices which apply to local conditions. Any variances in policy or practice require the concurrence of the Director in Human Resources responsible for employee relations or for policy, the Institute's Payroll Manager, and, where appropriate, the Director of the Office of Sponsored Programs. It is the responsibility of the supervisor to communicate these employment policies and practices to the employees on each project.